Shearing Client Responsibilities

Please provide at least two people to help, however three to four is optimal to make things go smoothly.  Please think through in detail how you will organize your people and animals for shearing day so that the shearer does not have to wait to start shearing or between animals.

Your team will be responsible for:

  • Providing a proper shearing area.
  • Pre-cleaning the animals before shearing, as needed.
  • Bringing the animals to the shearing area.
  • Assisting with take down and restraint (instructions will be given).
  • Assisting with holding the animal down.
  • Bagging fleeces and collecting fleece samples for histograms if desired.
  • Cleaning the shearing area between animals.
  • Staying relaxed and enjoying the event.

To help ensure the quality of your fiber, please keep the following in mind:

  • The best surface for shearing is a clean, level floor, swept after each animal is shorn.
  • Avoid using fresh bedding just before shearing.  Shavings alwayscontaminate fiber and should not be used!
  • Straw, hay, shavings, dirt, mud, muck, stones, and hoof trimmings should not be on or near the shearing floor.
  • Never ask your shearer to shear wet or damp animals.