About Us

Twist of Fate Spinnery LLP is a partnership between Jeremiah Squier and Richard Trojanoski. Both members of this partnership bring a strong background in ovine production with more than 50 years experience between them.  They have judged local sheep shows and fiber competitions and understand the qualities of a good fleece and fiber.  Individually each has unique qualities and interests that make Twist of Fate a strong and viable fiber processing facility.

Jeremiah Squier helping a customer

Jeremiah brings to the company an understanding of job tracking, quality control and scheduling.  He has many years experience in customer relations.  His mechanical abilities and understanding of machine operation make him an invaluable partner who keeps the operation running smoothly.  His engineering capabilities enable him to troubleshoot and modify the operation so as to provide a better finished product.

Rick Trojanoski demonstrating a Portland spinning wheel during a tour of the mill.

Richard has raised sheep for over 30 years.  He and his family have a small flock of Romneys, Natural color and Corriedales.  He began spinning on an old flax wheel some 20+ years ago and has competed in local hand spinning contests over the years.  As most spinners, he has purchased many wheels over the years and prefers to spin with a Fricke double treadle, a modestly priced wheel that is capable of producing yarns from a variety of fibers.

As a member of the CT Sheep Breeders Association board of directors, he has coordinated and given many educational programs for both the Blue Ribbon Sheep Forum and the CT Sheep, Wool and Fiber Festival sponsored by the Association.  Richard also enjoys knitting and is always creating unique patterns and trying new techniques that the mill creates.

"The mill has been a life long desire of ours and we are dedicated to providing a positive experience.  We are always available for consultations to help you with your fiber concerns. Contact Us today. We look forward to hearing from you."

-Jeremiah and Rick